Saturday, 28 November 2009

5 days in Italy

I realize I am really behind on my blog and I have no other excuse except I´ve been doing other things. So here´s a quick update on my trip to Italy. We spent 2 and a half days in Rome. We saw the Colosseum (which was really awesome and so well preserved), the Roman Forum (more ruins), Trevi Fountain, Navarra Plaza, and Castle St. Angelo. Then we went to the apartment of one of DeeDee´s friends who is studying abroad in Rome and had dinner at her house and she showed us around the area where she lives. On the way there, we came across 2 guys spray painting a wall on one of the busiest streets and it wasn´t even dark out. Appearantly it´s not just Spain that´s covered in graffitti.
The next day we hit Vatican City-- St. Peterś Square, beautiful St. Peter´s Basilica, and the Vatican Museum with Da Vinci´s Sistine Chapel, which was my favorite part of Rome. Not only was it huge, but it was so well done that the figures looked 3-D and we had a hard time telling what was part of the architeture of the building and what was painted. After that, we took a walk around the river and made it to ¨cute town¨ (aka Travestere) that some girls in our group who had gone before us told us to go to and had nicknamed it this since they didn´t know its real name. It had a lot of cheap eats and was, well, cute. After that we hit the Roman Crime Museum (me and DeeDee are both Psych majors, what can we say?) where we saw exhibits about how crime was dealt with and carried out in Rome since way back when to present day. If you´re into that kind of thing, it´s pretty neat. The next morning we got up and hit Capuchin Crypts. Definitely really cool, as well as creepy. It´s 5 rooms decorated with bones of 4000 monks. We weren´t supposed to take pictures but we were rebels and took one so people could see just how amazingly weird it was. Also in my top things for Rome.
After the crypts we got on the train to go to Venice. After a 95 minute delay on the train, we finally made it to there, where we stayed for a day and a half. That was a lot more of a relaxing, wandering around place. We hit some pretty good restaurants thanks to recommendations from the owner of our hostel. We mostly just wandered around looking at all their glass and mask shops (which is what theyŕe famous for) and looking at their beautiful old architecture.
So thatś a really quick summary of my Italy trip.
The next weekend we took a bus back to southern Spain to see the Alhombra Castle in Granada, but we only stayed one night. We had a lot of catching up to do since we had skipped school to go to Italy. We also went to a Real Madrid soccer game the week we got back which was really cool. This weekend is our last trip. We´re headed to Barcelona. Then only 2 weeks left. Ahhh! It´s gone sooo fast!

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